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Withdraw Any Cryptocurrency To DWCard And Get Fiat Currency In ATMs Of Any Country

What we do

Platform For the Exchange of Cryptocurrencies For Fiat Money

Our team is developing a convertible, decentralized platform to simplify the transfer of existing cryptocurrencies to a plastic DWCard card with the ability to receive cash by withdrawing them at any ATM in any country, the possibility of paying for purchases in the online store and cash desks of offline stores.


Total DW token Released:110,000,000

$ 10.24 K

Project start

General gathering


Overall distribution

  • 10% Attracting investment
  • 45% Platform development
  • 25% Trademark promotion
  • 20% Purchase of licenses and software

DWCard Development Roadmap

We Brought All To A Minimum


Transfer cryptocurrency to DWCard platform in a few clicks

Order a debit card DWCard

Use ATMs around the world

Use DWCard to calculate in stores

Set limits on the map to control your expenses.

Take off at any ATM fiat currency.

Lock the card instantly if you lose it.

Buy DW token DWCard

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